How to check the health of Xiaomi battery

How to check the health of Xiaomi battery

As a user of a Xiaomi smartphone, you also need to know the status of the battery that is being used.

The battery is one of the important components found in smartphones, which is a source of vital resources for the smartphone.

Because without the battery the smartphone cannot be turned on and all its functions cannot be used.
Excellent battery conditions will make the smartphone maximum performance and last longer.

But if the battery is not strong, it will certainly make the performance of the smartphone less than optimal, so that it can interfere with activities.

Therefore, you need to check the battery health of the used Xiaomi mobile phone. The battery status can be checked directly from the Xiaomi mobile phone you are using.
Here are some methods that the team has prepared to test all types of HP Xiaomi batteries.

How to check the battery health of Xiaomi MIUI 11

For MIUI 11 users, there are 2 ways that can be used to check battery health, including the following:

Use of secret code

You should know that Xiaomi provides a secret code that contains a collection of shortcut menus to manage several smartphone settings.

One of the menus contained in it can be used to check the health of the Xiaomi battery.

  1. Open the Call app.
  2. Then enter the code * # * # 4636 # * # *.
  3. A new page containing several menus will then automatically appear
  4. Then press the Battery Information menu.
  5. Then the health information of the Xiaomi HP battery you are using will be visible.

Through Settings

Xiaomi’s battery health can also be seen in the Settings menu. In order for the verification process to run smoothly, you must follow these guidelines:

  1. Open the “Settings” application.
  2. Then click “My Device”.
  3. Then open the “All specifications” menu.
  4. Then click the “Kernel Version” option 3 times.
  5. The hardware test page will then open.
  6. Scroll down, then open the Battery menu.
  7. A new page will then appear containing information about the condition, temperature and health of the battery you are using