Samsung Z Flip 5

Samsung Z Flip 5

Samsung Z Flip 5: If the new leak is true, you’ll have to open the phone much less often

More display area and widgets: The cover screen of the Z Flip 5 could be more useful than that of its predecessors.

The Galaxy Z Flip smartphones from Samsung have a “small” problem – the external display. It’s not big enough for many applications.

A leak now indicates that Samsung wants to improve this weakness. There are also other useful features that ensure that the Z Flip can also be used more often when it is closed.

A large outdoor display is well-suited for widgets

The leak comes from Ice Universe, which has proven to be particularly trustworthy in the past.

As a result, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will have an external display with a screen diagonal of 3.4 inches. This is a significant jump compared to the 1.9-inch display used on the predecessor.

The screen resolution is said to be 720 x 748 pixels, which corresponds to a pixel density of 305 ppi.

The almost square display is good for displaying widgets, which can be seen in the leaked image. On this, we see a time, weather, and battery status widget.

The widget for the battery levels is particularly interesting. It can display the battery level of the phone itself and three connected devices. A quick look at the external display is enough to check it.

There are four app icons in the bottom left corner: Phone, Messages, Weather, and Settings. It looks like you’ll be able to use the external display for texting as well, although typing on such a small display will certainly be a challenge. Text-to-speech would be conceivable in this case.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 was released in August 2022. It is therefore conceivable that the successor will also appear in August. An exact date for the launch does not yet exist.