Windows 11: Microsoft puts even more advertising in the operating system

Windows 11: Microsoft puts even more advertising in the operating system

Windows 11 gets more ads. This time it’s supposed to be the settings app. What is to be expected?

Microsoft is known for promoting its own products in an unsubtle way. So you can see advertising for Game Pass, games, or accessories on the dashboard of the current Xbox consoles. Windows 11 is no exception. For example, if you call up the settings app in the current version, the “System” category advertises that you should get to know the advantages of Microsoft 365. And according to a recent report, Microsoft will not show fewer, but more ads in the future.

More ads in settings

Twitter user Albacore found information in a new Insider build of Windows 11 that the Settings app will get a new “Home” category. They should be advertised more prominently for Microsoft products.

Instead of a small button inviting you to explore the benefits of Microsoft 365, there will be a large banner with a “Try it for free” button.

If you also do not have a Microsoft account connected to your Windows version, the advantages of doing so are explained here.

There is also an update in the category of the account: If a user uses Microsoft products that are outdated, you will be informed here. Here you will also find an advertising banner that advertises the advantages of a Microsoft account.

Windows 11 users may have noticed that other areas of the operating system also contain ads. So many apps are pinned to the Start menu even though you’ve never installed them – some of which are Microsoft’s own apps.