iPhone SE 4

iPhone SE 4: All rumors about the release, display & specs of the supposed mini iPhone

A new cheap iPhone? In this article, we have summarized all current leaks on the design, the display, and the specs of the iPhone SE 4 for you.

With the SE series, Apple also wants to offer the iPhone as a smaller purse. The current model in the series, the iPhone SE 3, was released almost exactly a year ago on March 18, 2022. A lot has happened at Apple since then, which is why fans are hoping for an iPhone SE 4 that features Apple’s new technologies at a reasonable price offers.

In this article, we summarize all the information and leaks about the iPhone 4 SE for you. What is already clear: The iPhone SE 4 will no longer appear in 2023.

Update from 05/05/2023:We has updated the release timeline with new info.

iPhone SE 4: When is the release?

The well-known Apple leaker Ming-Chi-Kuo assumes that Apple will only start mass production in early 2025, as development has been temporarily paused or even restarted. If internal tests, most of which have to do with the in-house 5G modem, are not satisfactory, the release could even be postponed to 2026.

Jeff Pu, from Haiton International Securities, also assumes that the iPhone SE 4 can be expected in early 2025 at the earliest.

iPhone SE 4: What is the price?

Nothing is known about the price of the iPhone SE 4 yet. However, if Apple prices the iPhone SE 4 similarly to the SE 3, a price in the range of around 520 euros is realistic.

Due to the current inflation, the price of the SE 4 will probably be higher. Apple’s iPhone 14 was launched for 899 euros, while the iPhone 15 was released for 999 euros. A similar price development can also be expected for the SE 4.

iPhone SE 4: What do we know about the design?

The iPhone SE 3 uses the body of the iPhone 8. This saves Apple time and money that would otherwise go into designing a new case. This makes the iPhone SE 3 currently Apple’s smallest smartphone.

According to Apple leaker Jon Prosser, Apple is pursuing a similar strategy with the iPhone SE 4. The SE 4 is said to consist of components from the 2018 iPhone XR. This would give the SE 4 a screen size of 6.1 inches.

Other rumors from Leaker Kuo are that the SE 4 will use the body of the iPhone 14. The iPhone 14 also has a screen size of 6.1 inches. The two leaders agree on this point.

Should Apple decide against an OLED screen, this decision could at least have a positive effect on the price. In recent years, Apple has increased the price of iPhones, which is also due to the OLED displays.

iPhone SE 4: How strong is the chipset?

There are also first rumors about the built-in chipset of the iPhone SE 4. The iPhone SE 3 was released in the same year as the iPhone 14 and was equipped with the A15 chip from its predecessor, the iPhone 13.

If Apple follows a similar strategy with the iPhone SE 4, the iPhone SE 4 could get the A16 chip, which is rumored to be used in the iPhone 15. The iPhone is scheduled to appear in 2023.

iphone se 4

The powerful A15 chip is installed in the iPhone SE 3. The SE 4 could have the new A16 chip.

Alternatively, it could also be equipped with the A15 chip. However, it seems unlikely that Apple will install the chip released in 2021 in an iPhone in 2024, especially since the successor A16 was already installed in the iPhone 14 Pro.

iPhone SE 4: That’s how it is with connectivity

According to the leaker Kuo, the iPhone SE 4 is said to have a built-in 5G modem developed by Apple itself. This coincides with other leaks, according to which the iPhone 15 will be equipped with a 5G Apple modem. So far, modems from Qualcomm have been installed on iPhones.

Similar to Qualcomm 5G modems, Apple’s modem is rumored to support sub-6GHz. This is the frequency range below 6 GHz. In the future, 5G will also use frequency ranges from 24 to 100 GHz. However, it may still be some time before this technology is built into smartphones.

iPhone SE 4: More features

The SE 4 likely won’t support the latest features like Face ID or Dynamic Island to differentiate the SE lineup from the manufacturer’s regular iPhones. Apple will probably equip the SE 4 with Touch ID instead.

The SE 3 also only supports Touch ID. This allows you to unlock the smartphone with your fingerprint.

In the Pixel 4 and Pixel 7, Google offers the option of unlocking the smartphone by face.

It could still make sense for Apple to offer features like Face ID in the SE 4. Competitors like the Pixel 7 already offer face unlock for a similar price.

What would we like to see in an iPhone SE 4?

We would most like to see an iPhone SE 4 that combines the body of the iPhone 14, the new chip of the iPhone 15, and a 6.1-inch OLED display. The iPhone SE 4 would have the modern look of the iPhone 14 and would also be the first iPhone SE with an OLED display.

If you can believe the rumors, the iPhone SE 4 will be built like this or something similar. Features like Dynamic Island or higher refresh rates will probably be withheld from the SE 4.

However, the screen size would also mean that Apple no longer offers small iPhones. That would not be good news for people with small hands.