The best Redmi Note 8 GCAM

The best Redmi Note 8 GCAM

Feeling that the photos taken by Redmi Note 8 are not optimal, you should use GCAM to get better quality photos and videos. Redmi Note 8 is a smartphone from Xiaomi, which is equipped with a 48 MP main camera that can record videos up to 4K. In addition, there is a 13 MP camera on the front of the screen, which can provide optimal selfie results.

Although it is equipped with a pretty good camera, there are still many Redmi Note 8 users who are not happy with the photos and videos were taken by the camera. To solve this problem, Redmi Note 8 users are switching to additional camera applications, namely Google Camera or GCAM. The Gcam application consists of different versions and not all of them can run smoothly on Redmi Note 8.

For this camera app to work seamlessly, you need to find the best version of the Gcam app that is compatible with the Redmi Note 8 Ginkgo and Begonia.

The best Redmi Note 8 GCAM


To make choosing Gcam easier, here we recommend the 3 best Gcam applications for Redmi Note 8.

The three Gcams I recommend can be installed at the same time without having to be cloned first.

  • GCAM Urnyx05
  • GCAM parrot
  • GCAM Nikita

GCAM Urnyx05

Gcam Urnyx05 is a Google Camera application that supports many devices, including Redmi Note 8.  This Gcam can run smoothly on Redmi Note 8. All its features and modes can also be used without any errors.

Such as portrait mode, night mode, camera, video, slow motion, artificial intelligence sticker, and other modes can work smoothly without any problems. Interestingly, the Gcam Urnyx05 now supports wide-angle l. However, it still does not support macro lenses.

Open the settings, then open the optional camera menu, after which the camera ID4 does not need to be activated.

To get the correct settings, you need to make additional settings manually.

GCAM Parrot v8

This Gcam app is specifically for Redmi Note 8, which runs Android 9 OS.

The menu provided by Gcam Parrot is quite complete and can go around everyone.

Including functions for panorama, slow cadence (slow cadence), photosphere, duration and other menus.

Gcam Parrot does not yet support configuration. So Gcam settings are also very simple, using the default settings is enough.

Although it uses the default settings, the night mode looks more natural so that the resulting photos look better.

GCAM Nikita v1.7

All the features of the Nikita Gcam can work seamlessly on the Redmi Note 8. What I like most about this Gcam is that it supports manual focus and configuration.

Its macro mode can produce good-quality photos.

All functions in the video can also work smoothly. However, all the features in it can work smoothly.