The RTX 4060 is official, Nvidia’s consumer graphics card is worth €329

RTX 4060 is official

The first RTX 4060s hit the shelves. They are designed to appeal to a wide audience, with a concentration on performance and energy efficiency at an affordable price.

The RTX 4060 is finally on the market, and as expected it’s affordable without making too many sacrifices. It is equipped with the AD107-400-A1 GPU with 3072 CUDA cores and 8 GB of GDDR6 memory. Not only does the RTX 4060 outperform its predecessor in all areas, but it is also much more energy efficient.

The GeForce RTX 4060 is a clearly consumer-oriented GPU. Players who can content themselves with playing in Full HD, at 1,920 × 1,080 pixels, and who don’t want to break the bank will be happy to find in this card most of the technologies offered by Nvidia. Die-hard gamers who can only imagine playing in 4K resolution at 170 frames per second will have to turn to one of its monstrous big sisters, the RTX 4090, for example.


Nvidia’s RTX 4060 thus offers DLSS 3 technology (for Deep Learning Super Sampling) which allows compatible games to “run in a lower resolution to improve performance and then, through the magic of AI, deduces an image from higher resolution approaching the same level of detail as at higher resolution. It allows for higher graphics settings and/or refresh rates […] Creators will also appreciate the 8th Gen NVENC encoder with AV1 support.”

In addition to performance gains compared to the RTX 3060 ranging from 23% to 48% depending on the models selected, it is in the field of the price that the RTX 4060 intends to find a place in the towers of casual gamers. With a selling price proposed by Nvidia of €329, the RTX 4060 comes to fight on the lands of the RX 7600 from AMD, whose official selling price is €299.