What is green hosting?

We explain to you how companies can place greater value on sustainability through Green Hosting.

Our world is becoming more and more digital. However, this digital world requires a lot of energy – mainly because of the data centers of a server. Climate-friendly web hosting is one approach to surfing the Internet sustainably. Here we explain exactly how this works and what green hosting is.

What is green hosting?

Normally, web hosting requires significant energy consumption. The servers must be operated around the clock. The high energy requirement leads to increased CO₂ emissions. Green hosting, or also environmentally friendly hosting, or ecological hosting, relies on sustainable measures. These are intended to reduce negative environmental impacts and make a contribution to environmental protection. Measures can be the use of renewable energy sources, energy-efficient servers, the compensation of CO₂ emissions, and the reduction of waste.

Green hosting providers, for example, try to ensure sustainability by using green electricity that is generated from renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, or hydropower. With real green electricity, the providers of Green Hosting create an opportunity to significantly reduce CO₂ emissions. Energy-efficient hardware and server optimization ensure additional sustainability through minimized power consumption. Experts see great savings potential in the energy-efficient cooling of data centers in particular.

However, CO₂ emissions cannot be completely avoided. Therefore, some providers try to compensate additionally. They do this by investing in environmental projects or purchasing carbon offset certificates.

With green hosting providers, you should make sure that there is a certificate that documents the sustainability standards. In addition, there should be transparency about where green energy comes from and how energy consumption is reduced. Hosting providers that also offer green hosting include IONOS, Strato, and GreenWebspace.